Covid-19 Update

covid-19 update from the flag corp
A personal message from Mr. Gyan Shah, founder of The Flag Corp.

To The Flag Corp Family,

We hope you’re staying well. Our thoughts remain with you and your families during this unprecedented time.

In line with the latest notification from the Government, as several districts, cities & states are gearing up on relaxing the imposed lockdown to restart business operations, there are many cities or regions across the country that are yet in the red or containment zones for another week or two, including our abode, Mumbai!

While our online store remains accessible 24×7, please do keep in mind that you may experience delay in deliveries, until the lockdown is lifted. We will however, keep you up to date for your orders.

Wondering if it is safe to order online during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The WHO had announced that the likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is very low and that even if contaminated, the chances of the virus surviving on surfaces, is between a few hours to a day or so. In spite of that, this is undeniably a cause of concern for any customer. And we do understand the importance of this, which is why we shall be implementing additional safeguards during our entire packaging, distribution & supply chain:

  • Deep cleaning the entirety of our premises to ensure a clean working environment for all our employees upon their return. Disinfecting & cleaning multiple times a day shall also be continued with a dedicated team.
  • Installation of hand sanitizing stations at each department, as well as every entry & exit point.
  • Wearing comfortable masks as well as gloves for all associates involved with manufacturing, packaging & distribution of our products.
  • Checking each associate’s temperature on-site on a daily basis & asking them to remain home if they feel ill or feverish.
  • Our reliable partner carriers such as FedEx & BlueDart are already well equipped to follow stringent safety measures in handling of all packages.
  • Finally, to be absolutely safe, we recommend that you avoid opening or having physical contact with the package for at least 8-10 hours after receipt. Unless of course it’s extremely urgent! ?

While it is imperative to stay safe & be home as far as possible, it is equally important to collectively be a part of reviving our economy from this pandemic by supporting businesses, employees, colleagues, first responders & fellow citizens. We are ALL in this together! 

Jai Hind! ??

Gyan Shah.